Remote Learning

Remote learning is an option when in-person learning is not safe for students due to weather, illness spread (such as COVID), or a building emergency.  Remote learning provides an opportunity for students and teachers to remain connected and engaged with content while physically not in school.  Remote learning days are considered official school days and are not made up at a later date.

There may still be instances when the District will close and will not utilize a remote learning day. The notification message will be the same as in the past, noting that school is closed with no remote learning day.  We will then use a scheduled make-up day as listed on the District Calendar.

Notification: All decisions related to remote learning for school closures will be communicated to you via the notification system.  

Format: Students will access their Seesaw (elementary) or Schoology (middle and high school) to access videoconferencing (Zoom) links and activities. Remote learning days may be setup for a asynchronous or synchronous learning format.

During videoconferencing experiences, students are expected to have cameras turned on during instructional time whenever possible. 

Class schedules will be communicated by a principal or teacher.

Instruction may include 'direct instruction' by the teacher, group work, break-out room, and/or individual/independent work.

Early dismissal from class is not acceptable, just as it would not occur in school.

Devices: All students have been assigned an iPad (elementary and middle) or offered a laptop (high school).  Students in the elementary schools will take their devices home in instances when a closure is likely.  Students in the middle and high schools are expected to take their devices home each day, regardless of a pending closure.

Work Completion and Attendance:   Recognizing that students may face other circumstances or a lack of Internet connection on a day of inclement weather, students will have three days beyond the remote learning day to complete assignments.  Students that do not complete the assignments within three days will be noted as absent for that day following the District’s attendance policy. 

Grading: Students are accountable for work assigned on a remote learning day. Teachers may grade assigned work per their usual grading procedures and criteria. Again, recognizing that students may experience unique circumstances, the three-day rule (see above) applies. 

Teacher and Staff Availability: Your child’s teacher(s) will be available for assistance via email from 9am - 3pm during the remote learning day.  Your school’s principal, counselor and nurse will also be available via email. The expectation during this time period is that you receive a response within a reasonable period of time. Please understand that the teacher or staff member may be completing a task, meeting with another student or family, or on a lunch break at the time you email. They will respond as soon as possible. 

The District believes that using remote learning days will allow students and teachers to continue the learning process while responding to a unscheduled school closure in an efficient manner.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your school principal.