AgendaManager, is the repository for School Board meeting agendas and supporting information. 

Tips to find/view information within AgendaManager:

To view the current day's or upcoming meeting agendas, select the default 'Dashboard' tab. 

To view previous meeting agendas and supporting documentation, select the 'Meetings' tab, enter the 'Start Date' and 'End Date' of the date range.
To search for a particular topic(s), select the 'Search' tab. Enter keywords for your search in the space for 'Enter Search Term'.  Select the option to 'Show/Hide Filters' and choose a 'Start Date' and 'End Date'.  An example of a keyword search for the District's budget, would be to enter budget.
-> For more ideas on an efficient search for more information, select 'Show/Hide Tips'.
-> When ready to search, select the 'Search' option next to the search terms you entered.

If you are unable to view information through AgendaManager, contact Christina Magruder at [email protected] with your email address and a packet will be emailed to you.

Information from Board of Director meetings prior to July, 2015, has been archived. Contact Christina Magruder at [email protected] to request copies of the minutes from a specific meeting.