Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I contribute to the Foundation when I already pay school taxes? The Carlisle Area School District is committed to bringing forth a balanced budget that minimizes the tax burden on local residents while still providing a first-rate education to all students. Due to rising costs, governmental cuts and limited financial resources, the District has partnered with The Bison Foundation to raise funds through a Capital Campaign to enhance student and community programs, services, and initiatives. Contributing to the Campaign will allow the Foundation to raise funds privately to supplement, not to supplant, capital improvements and programs that tax dollars cannot provide.

Why should I contribute to the Capital Campaign when I no longer have children in school? A strong school is a strong community. The Capital Campaign will provide additional funds beyond the collective tax-base. The Bison Foundation is working to enhance the opportunities for everyone in the Carlisle Area School District.

Will my contribution be tax-deductible? Yes. The Bison Foundation is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Gifts of cash and appreciated securities to the Foundation as part of the Capital Campaign are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by IRS regulations for charitable donations. Also, remember that planned gifts are effective ways to give sizable contributions, which have strong tax advantages to the donor. We will be happy to have a planned giving expert talk to you.

How will the Endowment Fund be used? Contributions to The Bison Foundation Capital Campaign will have a positive impact on Carlisle residents in perpetuity. To that end, a reserve fund will ensure this one-time campaign supports both programs and facilities in the future.

Who decides what programs should be funded? The Foundation Board and the Carlisle Area School District administration will form a yearly funding committee to review requests. The committee will also examine the success of previously funded programs and partnerships with local non-profit agencies that offer comparable programming.

Is the Foundation duplicating programs already administered by other community organizations? The Foundation will attempt to partner with any existing non-profit agencies in Carlisle that can offer programming to address the needs identified by the Funding Committee. It is not The Bison Foundation’s role to duplicate existing programming, but to ensure that the needs of the Carlisle Area School District students are being met through new or existing programs in the community.

Is the Carlisle School Board of Directors in support of the Capital Campaign? Yes. The School Board is very supportive of the Campaign and the exciting programming that will result from a successful Capital Campaign. The ability to supplement existing programs without an increased burden on the taxpayer is important to the Board.

How do I get involved with the Foundation? Your help is much needed and greatly appreciated. Please call us for opportunities to get involved. The Bison Foundation 717-240-6800 ext. 27802