Central Office  
   Christina Spielbauer, Superintendent
   Colleen Friend, Assistant Superintendent
   Michael Gogoj, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
   Stephanie G. Douglas, Director of Digital Learning and Technology
   Eric Sands, Director of Management Services
   Tom Horton, Director of Facilities
   Jill Condo, Director of Student Services
   Josh Barr, Associate Director of Student Services
   Brittany Sanchez, Assistant Director of Student Services
Carlisle High School Principals
   Mike Black, Principal
   Patricia Buffington, 12th grade
   Jason Beals, 11th grade
   Paul Wysocki, 10th grade
   Joseph Dunn, 9th grade
Lamberton Middle School Principals
  Keith Colestock
  Nicholas Sadvari, Assistant
Wilson Middle School Principals
  Walt Bond
  Jacob Evans, Assistant
Elementary School Principals
  Bellaire: Jeff Bell
  Crestview: Aaron Carmichael
  Hamilton: Monique Wallace & Rebecca Mintiens, Assistant
  LeTort: Barbara Wohglemuth
  Mooreland: Kyle Slusser
  Mt. Holly Springs: Molli Davis
  North Dickinson: Brian Gochenour