High School Schedule Requests for New Students

New Student Schedule Requests

Once a high school student is pre-registered, the family should schedule a time to meet with a high school counselor to choose their student's classes for the 2024-2025 school year.  Appointments prior to May 31st will be held in a virtual format. Appointments after August 1st will be an in-person format. Only one appointment will be made per student.

To schedule an appointment:

Students must have:

  • A transcript, if entering grades 11-12.
  • A report card, at minimum, for students entering grades 9-10. Preferably, a transcript for students entering grade 10.

Students entering grades 11 - 12:

        Contact Laurie Echevarria at [email protected]

Students entering grades 9 - 10:

        For appointments prior to May 31, contact Ellie Stambaugh at [email protected]

        For appointments after August 1st, contact Christine Henry at [email protected]

Scheduling Appointment Preparation

Students’ course selections are based partially on post-secondary plans. either career or college. Past academic performance and teacher recommendations are critical considerations when selecting courses for the next school year.  To assist in the decision-making process, please refer to the Educational Planning Guide at www.carlisleschools.org/epg prior to your meeting. The guide provides a comprehensive listing of requirements, courses, course descriptions, credit values, and prerequisites.  Upon receipt of these materials:

1. Review the guide and make tentative decisions about courses. 
2. Consult with the teachers and counselors at your current school on the selection of courses and the completion of any forms received. 
3. Request the unofficial transcripts and report cards as previously mentioned.