SRA Comprehension

The SRA Comprehension programs develop vocabulary, information and comprehension strategies needed for vocabulary, information and comprehension strategies needed for academic success. These programs give readers the opportunity to develop higher order thinking and reasoning tactics used by successful readers, such as: applying prior knowledge, making inferences and analyzing evidence.

Level A: Thinking Basics
This program benefits students who have difficulty responding to literal questions and following directions. Builds the oral language foundation from which other comprehension skills can be developed. (60 lessons)

Levels B1 and B2: Comprehension Skills
Teaches students literal and inferential comprehension strategies. Students read for information and learn to retain new facts and vocabulary.

Level C: Concept Applications
Builds on skills needed for content area study in secondary school. Students sharpen their critical reading skills and organize information for retention and reporting.

Students who benefit from a comprehension intervention often have difficulty in the following areas:

• Written Expression
• Clarity of thought or speech
• May not be highly motivated.
• Can not follow multistep directions
• Exhibit poor auditory (listening) memory and repeating skills
• Small vocabulary
• Lack of background knowledge