Frequently Asked Questions about Fundations® (FAQ)

1. What is Fundations®?

Fundations is a systematic approach offering repetition and feedback to students. The program is multi-sensory, hands-on, and motivating to the students.

2. What grade levels use the Fundations® intervention?

Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade friends use the Fundations intervention.

3. What skills does Fundations® focus on?

At the kindergarten level, Fundations works on letter recognition and letter sounds. Towards the middle and end of the school year the program focuses on phonemic awareness.

At the first grade level, Fundations works on phonemic awareness, letter recognition, and letter sound relationships.

At the second grade level, Fundations works on reading and writing all syllable types as well as word analysis. Fundations has the students bridge their skills into phonics where they are blending sounds into words.

4. Why is my child in Fundations®?

Based on universal screenings performed by reading specialists in the district as well as classroom teacher recommendation, your child has demonstrated a need for an additional intervention in reading.

5. How often does my child receive Fundations®?

An interventionist works with your child in a small group setting every day for 30 minutes.

6. How is success measured?

The interventionist performs progress monitoring on all students in the small group. This progress monitoring allows for us to see if growth is occurring or if there is a need to discuss alternate interventions.

7. What does a Fundations® lesson look like?

• Each day the children review the letter-keyword-sound chart, called a sound drill. Use the file below to assist your child with this review.  
• Students review the Fundations sight words which are called Trick Words (for example: the, of, and, is).  
• Students practice blending sounds into words by tapping.

/m/      /a/      /p/       MAP


• Students segment and spell words in their notebook. The words correspond to the sounds we are focusing on. Manipulatives, such as letter tiles, sand boxes, and white boards are used to reinforce skills.

8. What can I do to help my child at home?

• Read to/have your child read daily.  
• Provide difficult words for your child when reading.  
• Visualize what you read together  
• Encourage your child to tap unknown words  
• Allow your child to read silently before reading out loud  
• Practice sight words from the classroom teacher or interventionist.  
• Keep in contact with the classroom teacher and interventionist.

Fundations is a registered trademark of Wilson Language Training.

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Fundations is a registered trademark of the Wilson Training Corporation.