Accessibility Tools


Microsoft Accessibility Tools (video) - This video shows how students can have the computer read Microsoft documents to them as well as how students can talk and get the computer to type for them.  Microsoft also has a video that shows Reading Options in Microsoft Word, Edge and OneNote.

Adobe Reader DC Reading Tool (video) - Adobe Reader DC has a built in tool that will read adobe documents to students.  

Natural Reader- For all other reading that isn’t a Microsoft document or a pdf, you would need another program.  The other reading program we use is Natural Reader.   An online version is available here.  If you are using a personal device, you can also download the software to your computer for free.  If you are using a district laptop, the software is in software center and can be installed from there, but only while on campus WIFI. 

Narrator Tools - One additional tool that will read everything on your screen is called the Narrator.  To access narrator on the PC, click the magnifying glass in the bottom left and search for Narrator.  This reads every item on the screen, including menus, headers, and content.  


Student iPads have dozens of available accessibility options for Vision, Physical Motor, and Hearing impairments.  To access the accessibility settings, go to Settings->Accessibility

*Below are a few how to videos
iPad Accessibility Options Introduction Native Microphone Using Speak Screen
Using Speak Selection
Typing Feedback