Summer AP U.S. History Reading

Students should get their summer reading textbooks for AP United States History before leaving school on May 30, 2019. Students may also pick up the two textbooks and necessary paperwork from the McGowan Guidance Office during normal business hours Monday - Thursday during the summer. Incoming new students to CHS should contact the McGowan Counseling Center directly at (717) 240-6800 x26815 to arrange a time to pick up materials. All required assignments may be downloaded from the files below.

Related Files

File summer assignments letter 2019.pdf 

File online textbook registration.pdf 

File chapter 1 outline.pdf 

File chapter 1 review powerpoint.pptx 

File chapter 2 outline.pdf 

File chapter 2 review powerpoint.pptx 

File chapter 3 outline.pdf 

File chapter 3 review powerpoint.pptx 

File thirteen colonies.pdf