Art & Design Department News

Youth Art Month Exhibit at the Carlisle Arts Learning Center

Many students in our schools have art work showing in the annual exhibit hosted by the Carlisle Arts Learning Center. This event is part of our celebration of Youth Art Month that takes place annually during the month of March. The show will be up from March 14th through April 5th.  A reception will be held on Thursday, March 14th.  The reception is always a festive affair that includes a decorative food extravaganza, and art activities. We encourage students, families and friends of our artists to visit the show at the CALC Art Gallery on Pomfret Street.  The show will be open during their regular business hours. For more information, please contact your child’s art teacher, the Carlisle High School Art Office at 240-6800 X26006 or the Carlisle Arts Learning Center at 249-6973.

Crestview Elementary

Reece Trego – 2nd grade
Jack Shope – 2nd grade
Jaiden Kipp – 4th grade
Sumeja Mujkic – 5th grade

North Dickinson Elementary

Scarlett Cline – 1
st grade                
Naomi Gochenauer – 2ndggrade
Chloe Kappeler – 2nd grade
Alexis Wolf – 4th grade
Connor Martin – 5th grade

LeTort Elementary
Saoirse Henke – 4th grade
Sophia Mendonca – 4th grade
Anyia White – 2nd grade
Matthew Weinrich – 2nd grade
Molly Anderson – 2nd grade
Ashton Sourbeer – 4th grade

Mt Holly Springs Elementary
J.T. Rose – 4th grade
Khloe Robinson – 2nd grade
Alivya Wheeler – 1st grade
Audrey Fisher – 1st grade
Evan Flickinger – 3rd grade

Mooreland Elementary
Norah Waleski – 5th grade
Braxtyn Wilt – 5th grade
Mery Ingold – 5th grade

Hamilton Elementary

Netanyah Dias -5th grade
Rome Simmons- kindergarten
Owen Farrer- 1st grade
Aniyah Cobb- 1st grade
Davion  Alejandro-Otero- 3rd grade
Lilium Jennings- kindergarten
Danyla Vasquez- 5th grade
Serine Cherift- 5th grade

Bellaire lementary

Caleb Adams-5th grade
Emily Coombs-5th grade
Eli Bell-5th grade
Xavier Reichenbach-5th grade
Grace Brink-5th grade
Kristen Kerr-5th grade
Maya Spease-3rd grade
Sydne Nace-1st grade
Ingrid Birch-Jensen-4th grade
Alyssa Smith-4th grade
Micah Kelley-1st grade

Lamerton Middle School
Riley Brooker – 6th grade
Brayden Burge – 7th grade
Carson Swartz  - 7th grade
Brandon Yeager – 8th grade
Abdullah Waleed – 8th grade

Wilson Middle School
Riley Brooker – 6th grade
Brayden Burge – 7th grade
Carson Swartz – 7th grade
Brandon Yeager – 8th grade
Abdullah Waleed – 8th grade

Carlisle High School
Cameron Miller – 11th grade
JC Bloomquist – 11th grade
Jacob Brenner – 12th grade
Kate Inoue – 12th grade
Madison Gould – 12th grade
Madison Van Nuys – 12th grade
Henry Pluta – 12th grade
Emma Fisher – 12th grade
Lanik Minaya – 12th grade
Mia Hardesty – 12th grade
Hailey Myers – 12th grade
Erin Keating – 12th grade
Hannah Aust – 12th grade
Alex Thumma – 9th grade
Willem Huber – 11th grade
Kateryna Shapovaleva – 9th grade
Brinley Foreman – 12th grade
Lillian Rosler – 10th grade
Ilyra Carlton – 11th grade
Emma Gilliam – 12th grade
Kianna Mitchell – 12th grade     
Maximus Fairbourn – 12th grade
Sophie Herron – 12th grade
Lucy Winn – 12th grade