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Track and field is a sport that involves a variety of athletic events that take place on a track or field. Some events take place entirely on the track, such as sprinting, middle-distance running, and hurdling. Other events take place on the field, such as long jump, high jump, and pole vaulting.

In track events, athletes compete by running a set distance as fast as they can. Depending on the event, this could be a short sprint (like the 100-meter dash) or a longer distance (like the 3200-meter run). Some events also include obstacles that the athletes must jump over or run around, such as hurdles.

In field events, athletes compete by attempting to jump as far or as high as possible. In the long jump, for example, athletes sprint down a runway and jump into a sandpit, trying to jump as far as they can. In the high jump, athletes run toward a bar and attempt to jump over it without knocking it down. 

In addition to running and jumping events, track and field also includes a variety of throwing events. These events require athletes to throw a specific type of object, such as a shot put, discus, or Javelin, as far as possible.

Overall, track and field is a very challenging and rewarding sport that involves a wide variety of events. Whether you're a runner, jumper, or thrower, there's something for everyone in this exciting sport!


All home dual meets start at 3:45 p.m and follow the Order of Events below with approximate start times. Keep in mind that at dual meets events are on a rolling schedule.

Track Events

3:45PM 3200M RELAY  
4:00PM   3200M RELAY
4:15PM 100M HURDLES  
4:20PM   110M HURDLES
4:25PM 100M DASH  
4:30PM   100M DASH
4:35PM 1600M RUN  
4:45PM   1600M RUN
4:50PM 400M RELAY  
4:55PM   400M RELAY
5:00PM 400M DASH  
5:05PM   400M DASH
5:10PM 300M HURDLES  
5:15PM   300M HURDLES
5:20PM 800M RUN  
5:25PM   800M RUN
5:30PM 200M DASH  
5:35PM   200M DASH
5:40PM 3200M RUN  
5:50PM   3200M RUN
6:00PM  1600M RELAY  
6:05PM   1600M RELAY


Field Events

3:45PM Discus Javelin
4:00PM Long Jump Triple Jump
  High Jump  
  Pole Vault with  Boys PV to follow 
4:15PM Shot Put Discus
5:00PM Triple Jump Long Jump
  Javelin High Jump
    Shot Put