Make-Up Work Guidelines

Both excused and unexcused absences require students to complete work that they missed.

Students are responsible for completing all work due to absences from school.
If students are absent one or two days, they will have two (2) days to make-up the work. 

When students are absent for more than two (2) days, they must consult with their teachers regarding a timeline for work completion. 

Students who fail to complete work missed due to absences within allotted time frame will receive an F for work not completed.

In the event of prolonged absence, students or parents may contact the counseling center regarding assignments.

Grading for Unexcused Absences

If parent condoned, the maximum grade for work completed satisfactorily is a D.

If initiated by the student (without parent knowledge of the absence), such as truancy, class cuts, etc., the grade assigned will be an F whether the work is made up or not.