*Please note that all language classes require students to speak in the target language as often as possible and often in front of the class.


Spanish I - Course #305
1 credit, 5 pds/week
No prerequisite
Grades 9-12

Spanish I gives equal emphasis to the four areas of language study: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The fundamentals of grammar are learned and practiced by using a variety of drill techniques. Correct pronunciation is learned and practiced using audio materials by imitating the pronunciation of native speakers. The customs and geography of many Spanish-speaking countries are studied as well as sports, holidays, and foods.

Spanish II - Course #306
1 credit, 5 pds/week
Prerequisite: Spanish I (C or above is recommended)
Grades 9-12

This course continues the format of Spanish I. More advanced structural drills are practiced, and the vocabulary range increases. Students use their vocabulary more creatively by presenting both prepared and impromptu talks to the class and in directed compositions. Reading selections deal with the geography and culture of Spanish-speaking countries as well as popular teenage themes.

Honors Spanish III - Course #317
1 credit, 5 pds/week
Prerequisite: Spanish II and recommendation of Spanish II teacher
Grades 10-12

In Spanish III the students continue to practice using the four skill areas: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. They also continue to increase their vocabulary and their competency to communicate their thoughts and needs in the Spanish language. Vocabulary is pertinent to practical aspects of daily living. Reading selections are excerpts from actual Hispanic literature, including short stories, plays, fables, and legends.

Honors Spanish IV - Course #318
1 credit, 5 pds/week
Prerequisite: Spanish III and recommendation of Spanish III teacher
Grades 11-12

This class is designed to develop a greater understanding of the art, literature, history, and culture of the Spanish-speaking world while strengthening the four basic skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking, with improved grammatical accuracy. The reading selections represent many literary genres which offer the students an opportunity to increase their ability to read with understanding and to gain greater insight into the structures of the language. Listening skills will be developed through on-line current events and listening assessments. Speaking skills will be enhanced through frequent oral presentations as well as group discussions, role-play situations and improvisations. Writing skills will be developed through various formal and informal writing assignments.

AP Spanish - Course #328
1 credit, 5 pds/week
Prerequisite: Spanish IV and recommendation of Spanish IV teacher
Grades 11-12

This course is designed to cover the six themes of the College Board’s Spanish Language & Culture Advanced Placement Exam. AP Spanish students are expected to be proactive in their pursuit of advanced vocabulary, grammar and Hispanic culture. The reading and listening selections offered in the course represent many authentic literary and auditory sources which are used as the basis for both oral and written communications. Extensive listening, reading, writing and speaking practice opportunities will be presented to prepare students for the optional AP Exam.


See the links below for some useful resources.


Spanish Language Newspapers

ABC, Madrid, España
El Mundo, Madrid, España
El País, Madrid, España
La Nación, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Clarín, Buenos Aires, Argentina
El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile
El Excelsior, México, D.F., México
El Tiempo, Bogotá, Colombia

Favorite Spanish Links

Spanish Quia (really good game site)