PowerSchool Access (Grades K - 12)


The PowerSchool Portal offers students and parents access to various district, school and classroom forms, attendance, and grades. 

New!  On March 14th, 2023, elementary parents will have access to their child's trimester report-card through the PowerSchool Portal!  Building principals will send an email notification to parents once grades, indicators, and comments have been finalized for the trimester.  

Click here for a video to preview the process to view the elementary report card(s) or follow the instructions below.  This information is for elementary report cards ONLY.

Through the browser, https://powerschool.carlisleschools.org: Select your student(s) (top left corner), click Report Card from the menu, then select your child's report card.  Click the triangle in the top left corner if you do not see menu options.

Through the PowerSchool app (code QRGW): Select your student(s) (top right corner), select 'More..." from the bottom right corner, click Forms, then scroll down past various forms to find your child's report card.

If you have issues accessing your account, please do not hesitate to contact Stephanie Douglas at [email protected].

Students are assigned a User Name and Password to access PowerSchool.  The information is delivered to students through their district email accounts.  

PARENT POWERSCHOOL (of students in Grades K - 12)
Parents must setup their own PowerSchool account.  They will receive an email with their student's AccessID and Password.  Starting in 2021, families receive this during new student registration. 

At the PowerSchool website, https://powerschool.carlisleschools.org, click the "Create Account" button.  Complete all fields to create the account and then link your student by adding their AccessID and AccessPassword towards the bottom of the page.

Once a parent creates an account, that parent username and password will not expire and can be used from year to year as well as to add their other students' accounts.

Parents should contact their building or guidance offices if they did not receive an email with this information. This information will be distributed only to the parents or legal guardians of the student. 

Parents, did you forget your Username or Password?
Click the link on the PowerSchool screen for "Forgot Username/Password?".  An email will be sent to the address on file with instructions to retrieve the username and/or password.

Do you have more than one child in Grades K-12?
Link additional students to your PowerSchool account by clicking on the "Account Preferences" link.  Click on the tab "Students", located near the top-center of your screen.  Along the right side, click the "Add" button. Enter the first and last name as well as the AccessID and AccessPassword as a link to that student.

Whitelist PowerSchool Domain
If you are not receiving emails to verify account or reset passwords, check spam and whitelist the email address, [email protected]  If you continue to have issues accessing your account, please do not hesitate to contact Stephanie Douglas at [email protected].

Mobile App
PowerSchool also offers a mobile app.  To set up the app, you may search for your student’s school and district or enter the district code of QRGW.

Any further questions may be directed to Stephanie Douglas, Director of Digital Learning, at [email protected].