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Welcome to the Carlisle Area School District Business Office  

The Carlisle Area School District is located in Cumberland County, PA and Carlisle serves as the County Seat.  The district covers approximately 77 square miles and serves the residents of the Boroughs of Carlisle and Mt. Holly Springs and the Townships of Dickinson and North Middleton.  The District is part of the Harrisburg Metropolitan Area and bordered by Interstate 81, 83 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  The population, according to the 2000 Federal Census was 34,734. Local revenues are primarily generated by a 16.3722 mill real estate tax, a 1.1% earned income tax, and a .5% real estate transfer tax.

Special education services are provided by the District and the Capital Area Intermediate Unit #15 along with other independent licensed organizations.  Occupational training and adult education in various vocational and technical fields are offered in-house by the District.  The Carlisle Area School District is one of the few comprehensive high schools in the state with an in-house career and technical school.

The District contracts its transportation with Fahrney Bus Services.  The student population numbers in excess of 5,000 and is supported by a budget of $104,210,000 for the 2023-24 school year.

The District's Business Office team consists of the people listed below.  Each person can be accessed by e-mail or they can be reached by calling (717) 240-6800 followed by the extension:


Business Office Staff:

Jenna Kinsler (ext. 16055) 
Director of Business Operations/Board Secretary
[email protected]

Peggy Bower (ext. 16053)
Business Manager/Board Treasurer
[email protected]

Vonda Kelso (ext. 16054)
Assistant Business Manager
[email protected]

Benjamin Boyer (ext. 16815)
Senior Accountant (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable)
[email protected]

Darlene Coover-Greenwalt (ext. 16817)
Payroll Coordinator
[email protected]

Kelli Group (ext. 16809)

Benefits Coordinator
[email protected]

Laura Evans (ext. 16816) 
Accountant (Child Nutrition, Charter Schools, Tax Collection & Bison Foundation)
[email protected]

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