Statement on Equality, Equity, and Diversity

May 2020

The Carlisle Area School District stands in solidarity with our Black and Brown students, families and staff members.  We are committed to equality, equity, diversity, anti-racism and positive support for our school community. 

While our District has taken steps in recent years to educate students and staff members on a host of issues centered on race and diversity, implicit and unconscious biases, and ways to build an inclusive school community, we still have much work to do.   The Carlisle Area School District is committed to working together with our students, staff and families to continue to build a more inclusive community.  We are proud of so many initiatives already being led by student leadership groups and CASD faculty.  We recognize the importance of having tough conversations to listen, learn and grow together.

The Carlisle Area School District community wants to be a part of the larger movement that is working to promote positive systemic change in our community and nation.