Justice, Lamberton Middle School

Lamberton Middle School 

A welcome is a type of greeting designed to introduce a person to a new place or situation in a way that makes them feel relaxed and comfortable. Also, a welcome helps people with each other to be able to talk without feeling nervous or awkward.  I believe that a welcome should have three elements. First, it is important to introduce yourself to new neighbors, so that new families know the community. Second, it is helpful to exchange phone numbers or Facebook accounts.  Exchanging phone numbers or Facebook accounts helps you share information.  Also, taking a meal to new neighbors is a good thing to do. I know because I have moved a lot, and I have received a lot of things from my neighbors to welcome us to the community.

There are different ways to introduce yourself to new neighbors. You can introduce yourself as an individual, a family, or as a community. Be sure to be nice and smile!   When you greet someone individually, you can say hello, tell them your name, and ask their name. Greeting someone as a family is like greeting someone individually. However, when welcoming as a whole family, it is important to show that everyone is welcome. This includes everyone in the new family, not just the adults. As a community, we introduce ourselves at a community potluck. At the potluck, each family tells little bit about themselves. After that, we share food and phone numbers, and talk to get to know each other over the meal. When we did this, we felt happy and excited to meet the new neighbors. 

Moving in can be stressful because new families have to set up a place to sleep, clean, and unpack boxes to find cooking supplies.  Giving food can show that neighbors care for new families. This my help take away some of the stress of the of moving.  When families gave food to me, I felt happy. I know because our family received cookies, brownies, dinner, and toys.

Exchanging phone numbers helps you share information.  This is important because, in my opinion, helps to further welcome the new families into the community. It also lets new families know where everything is. The good barbers, the vet, the dentists, and a lot more places can be shared by sharing information. You should share information that is helpful and kind. It should also help them move into their new home.

When welcoming new neighbors, remember that the goal is for everybody to feel at ease. The plan of these welcoming actions is to have the new family feel at ease and have less stress.  If someone cares for a new person, then they might feel confident, and be able to rely on the person who helped them.  A welcome is for people to feel confident and relaxed to be able to talk to people without feeling nervous or anxious. A welcome is also for the new people to feel accepted in the community. I used to be the new person in the community. But, when a family picked me up, I felt happy, excited, and I thought that I might have a new friend.