Safety in the Sciences

Science is a in-depth process of discovering and exploring the natural world. Exploration can occur in the classroom, laboratory and/or in the field. The science department at Carlisle Area School District, grades 6-12, fosters science exploration by offering a plethora of hands-on, inquiry-based courses. All of our science courses affords students the opportunity to become immersed in the fields of science. Due to the fact that students are involved in laboratory experiments, demonstrations, and other activities, it is vital that our students know, understand, and follow specific safety protocols and guidelines to ensure the safety of all staff and students. Safety in the science classroom/laboratory is our FIRST PRIORITY for our staff, students, and parents.

Lab Safety

Due to the investigative nature of our science offerings, all students enrolled in grades 6-12 science classes must be safety trained. Instructors will go over all safety rules and guidelines with their students. Once students have reviewed the safety contract with their instructor, they must then read and review the guidelines with their parent/guardian. The student's signature and parent/guardian's signature, as well as the student mastering a safety exam, are required before any student can participate in laboratory experiments. These signatures indicate that you have both read the rules, understand all of them, and that your student agrees to follow them at all times while working in his/her science classroom.

Lab Safety Beakers

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