Technology Support and Troubleshooting

If you need technology support for a student device or application, please review the notes below.  If you need additional help, please submit a service request using the link at the bottom of this page.

Many hardware, software, and application issues are solved with a device restart. 
iPad:  Press and hold the power button until you are prompted on the screen to shut down.
Laptop: Choose the Restart option from the Windows -> Power Icon -> Restart OR press and hold the power button for 10 seconds until the laptop shuts down.

Internet filter:
The District operates and enforces a technology protection measure(s) that blocks or filters access to inappropriate matter by minors on District devices.  However, on a global network, it is impossible to control all materials.  Parents are encouraged to monitor Internet use as possible. 

Internet Filter Issues: The laptop may need an update to the filter software
-> Connect to the District Wifi (close proximity to a District building) and restart the laptop
-> Logon
-> In the Windows Search bar, search Software Center and click the application
-> Click the Lightspeed Smart Agent
-> Click Install (There will be a black window that pops up for a few minutes)
-> Once the process completes, the install button will change to read 'uninstall'
-> Take the device home, restart, and verify there is still internet access

Laptop power issues: Make sure that the two piece charging cable has both sections plugged together tightly.

Logon issues:  Restart on the District's Wifi. This can be done in close proximity to a building's front door (sometimes a parking lot).  

Microsoft Office/MS Office Activation Error: This is a problem with the laptops being away from the District network for license keys.

-> Students should still be able to use the web version of the Microsoft products with no feature loss.

-> To resolve the issue, the device needs to be on the District network.
     Get in close proximity/park close to a District building
     Connect to the District's STUDENT WiFi
     Restart the computer/laptop
     Log on with their network username and password
     Launch a Microsoft application
     Wait approximately two minutes for the product to become licensed

Schoology access (middle and high school): If you are having trouble logging into Schoology: Click here for full login instructions. 
* Make sure you are using the URL and NOT
* Make sure you are using the correct email address

Wifi issues:
-> Disconnect and reconnect to the wireless network.
-> Try to connect in different areas of your house.
-> Prioritize internet usage (ex. No gaming during work time).
-> Restart your device (laptop or iPad).
-> Restart the wireless router and modem.
-> Click here for free internet options.

If there is still an issue and to report damage, loss, or theft:

Click here to submit a Technology Service Request or call 717-240-6800 x13803 and leave a message.  Please include the student's full name and a phone number if leaving a voice mail message.

For High School Students attending in person, technical support is also offered Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8 - 2:45 in Room V02 in the Fowler building.