Elementary Libraries

Each of the seven elementary schools in the Carlisle Area School District has a library that is in operation during the school day. A certified librarian teaches library resource skills to the students in first through fifth grades. Kindergarten students receive instruction in literature and library citizenship. All students are encouraged to use the library for book selection and research. Library aides are trained to assist the students when the librarian is not scheduled for that building.

Our elementary librarians include:

Miss Justice, Crestview and North Dickinson libraries

Mrs. Griesemer, Bellaire and Hamilton libraries

Mrs. Kean, LeTort, Mooreland and Mt. Holly libraries

For information on the individual libraries log on to the librarians' web pages by visiting the homepage for each of the elementary schools.  To access the elementary library catalogs, please use the link below and select the appropriate elementary school from the list provided.

           Destiny Library Catalog

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