Effective 2020/21 school year, under Act 16 of 2019, “compulsory school age” now refers to the period of a child’s life from the time the child enters school as a "beginner," which shall be no later than six (6) years of age, until the child reaches eighteen (18) years of age, or graduation from high school (whichever occurs first). 

“Beginner” means once a parent/guardian elects to enroll a child in a public or private school—or satisfy compulsory attendance requirements though a home schooling or home tutoring—by age 6, rather than age 8, and that child remains subject to compulsory attendance requirements until their eighteenth birthday.
Students enrolled in school are expected to be present every day school is in session. Absences from school may be excused for reasons of illness, quarantine, death in the immediate family, impassable roads, emergency medical and dental attention, pre-arranged absences, and authorized religious holidays. Absences cannot be excused if they are due to parental neglect, illegal employment, truancy, or without written parent/medical excuses.

It is the responsibility of parents to see that the student attends school and it is the desire of the school to assist parents in meeting this responsibility when assistance is needed. Parents should not hesitate to call the office of the principal, assistant principal, counselor, teacher, or home and school visitor to request assistance if there is a problem.