Video Conferencing Tips & Etiquette

Social interactions are important during this time and video conferencing can be a valuable tool when used appropriately. 

All communication (through audio, video, still photos...) and behavior in a video conference follow the same expectations as in the regular face-to-face schooling.

Be on time. Join the meeting 5 - 10 minutes early.  This helps to setup your audio and video settings.

Be prepared.  Your device should be charged, camera on, and headphones available.  Have a plan for taking notes (ex. paper/pencil, digital notepad)

Dress appropriately. Make sure what you are wearing would be appropriate during a 'normal' day of school.

Frame the camera. Adjust your camera so that others can clearly see your face.  Avoid moving around as this can be distracting. 

Be aware of your background. Consider using a blank wall, a virtual image, or blur your background. Make sure there is nothing in the background that you don't want others to see.

Mute yourself when you are not speaking. Laptop and iPad mics can pick up a lot of background noise.  Avoid eating, room noise, and music.  Use headphones or earbuds with a microphone if you have them available.

Take turns speaking. Avoid talking over each other.

Use the 'Raise Hand' feature to speak or ask a question. Be sure to unmute yourself to talk once you are given permission.

Share thoughts that are on topic, be respectful, use kind words, and ask questions when you are confused.

Be respectful of others and use active listening skills.

Reminder: Pennsylvania law makes it illegal to make audio or video recordings without the consent of everyone involved.

Tips and Etiquette