Identification of EL Students

At the time of enrollment, the Home Language Survey (HLS) is completed by all families entering the district.  If the HLS indicates a language other than English the complete record is reviewed by an ESL Specialist who determines the need for a family interview or screening for English language proficiency (ELP).  (When available, previous school records are reviewed prior to ELP screening for indications of ELP.)  [In the event of an extended school closure, a preliminary identification is conducted (via Zoom or similar platform) based on the WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test to assess Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking proficiency.]   Grade 1-12 students whose overall composite proficiency level is below 5.0 on the WIDA ScreenerTMare placed into the program.  Kindergarten students who have an oral composite score of 19 or lower on the Kindergarten WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test (or between 20 and 24 oral composite score with reading score of ≤6 or writing score of ≤4) are also placed into the program.