Are students required to take their device (laptop or iPad) home each night?
High school and middle school students are required to take their devices home each night.  Elementary students are not required to take their iPads home every night.  

What should students do if the device is damaged or need repaired?

High school students may take devices to the help desk located in room H123 in the Fowler Building between 7:35 - 11 am.

All students may also access the Technology Support and Troubleshoot site for tips to resolve many common issues.  Repair requests should be reported using the www.carlisleschools.org/Ticket form.

May students use their own device rather than a District-issued devices?

No. Starting for the 2023-24 school year, every student will be provided with a district-issued device. It is important to note that personal devices, such as MacBooks, personal laptops, and other non-district devices, will no longer be allowed. Only devices supplied by the IT department will be permitted for use. This alteration is intended to heighten security measures and enhance the overall user experience. However, please be aware that personal devices like cell phones will still be allowed to connect to the District's guest network. 

What kind of Internet connection do students need to have at home?

In order to access the Internet on the district laptop, the student will need a broadband Internet connection.

What if students don't have Internet at home?

The District understands that not all members of our community may have these services in their home. The District's wireless Internet access is available outside each school building 24/7.  Community locations such as the Bosler Library and Amelia Givin Library as well as CyberSpace also have Internet access available after school hours for student use. 

Students or parents should alert their teacher and/or principal if they lack access to the Internet.  

Are other members of the household permitted to use a student device?

No, the student device is assigned specifically to the student. No one else is authorized to use the equipment. 

Will students be able to install software on the laptop?

High school students may only install software that is located in the Software Center. They can find the Software Center while on the school network by clicking the magnifying glass and typing Software Center.  

Elementary and middle school students may only install software as directed by their teachers(s) via the Student App->My Resources located on District-issued iPads.

Can students use their own accessories with the laptop or iPad?

Yes. The laptop comes with USB ports that can be used for accessories.  The iPad is equipped with lightening and/or audio inputs to connect accessories in addition to a wireless Bluetooth option.  iPad cases may not be removed to connect to accessories.

Do students need a printer at home?

No. School printers are located in the library and classrooms that require specialized printing (art, CTE). Students are also encouraged to remember the environment and think digitally. Files can be uploaded to Schoology and Seesaw.