Elementary Counseling Programs

Under the leadership of Pupil Personnel Services, school counselors exist as an integral part of the total school environment. Counselors share the responsibility for the development and implementation of sound educational programs with other school team members. This approach underscores both the academic and affective components to education. School counselors serve as educational team members who share in decisions beneficial for student success.

School counselors are viewed as helping professionals within the school culture. The role of the school counselor is broad and diverse. First and foremost, counselors are student advocates, creating opportunities for optimal academic, social, and emotional growth while respecting individual differences. School counselors are uniquely qualified to address the emotional needs of students while helping students reach their fullest potential.

School counselors contribute to the overall building climate and goals. It is within the realm of the counselor to develop, coordinate, and/or implement school-wide programs and classroom guidance lessons based on the needs of the population. Counselors facilitate small psycho-educational groups, and address student needs on an individual basis, as well as a consultative basis.