Ways to be Successful at School

Ways to be Successful (PDF)

Get to bed earlier ~ 8-10 hours of sleep and eat breakfast.

Do homework every day!

Keep a schedule & budget your time wisely!

Don’t procrastinate ~ Chunk your work!

Keep an agenda & write down assignments

Stay Organized!

Be responsible for your work

Check teacher’s website frequently & Powerschool daily or at least every other day

Ask for help when needed: don’t be afraid to ask?’s

Stay on task, participate, take detailed notes    and use active listening skills in class!

Study a little bit at a time; review notes; don’t cram – E-X-T-E-N-D the process!

Study in brightly lit areas

Take notes in color and use highlighters

Maintain good attendance!

 •Don’t forget materials and show up on time!

Do extra credit!

Form study groups

Communicate with teachers, especially if absent

Worry about yourself ~  not others!

Meet Deadlines!

Have some fun along the way

Be honest and reasonable with yourself

Go to C.A.S.H. or see your teacher before or after school

Set expectations and goals for yourself!

See counselors if you need help or if you are having problems

Be a Leader in school and in class!

Limit time on computer and other distractions

Do something auditory/visual to stimulate your brain before studying

Take a break while studying

Eat a peppermint or chew peppermint gum to stimulate your brain

Use flash card/electronic flash cards on websites

Make positive connections in school: get involved!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Set long term goals- EX: To achieve a 95% average for the year

Keep open communication with teachers and parents

Don’t get into trouble/don’t get ISS or OSS – it keeps you out of class!

• “What I do now will pay off in the future!”