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Upcoming Military Events/Announcements:

If you are in 10th, 11th or 12th grade and are looking for help making career decision, then the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) may help.  This test will be offered for free at CHS each year in February.  Details on how to register will be posted later in the year. Registration will be in the McGowan Counseling Center.

General Information
Military Recruitment:
In compliance with Federal Law, Carlisle High School provides local military recruiters with demographic information on members of the current junior and sophomore classes. This information will be provided to recruiters on or after May 13, 2022. Juniors or sophomores who wish to have their names omitted from the list should notify the McGowan Counseling Center staff with a written request for exemption from their parents by May 10, 2020.

Contact Information: Please use the contact numbers below to reach the recruiters for the various branches.

Army: 717-790-9822
Air Force: 717-461-1791
Navy: 717-263-2500
Marines: 717-558-2044
Army National Guard: 717-881-3276

Today's Military
Selective Service - males who have reached their 18th birthday must register
ASVAB - Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

Air Force
Air National Guard
Army National Guard
Army Reserve
Coast Guard
Marine Corps

Officer Training
Air Force ROTC
Navy/Marine ROTC

The Service Academies
When applying for a nomination to a service academy, as a minimum, you should apply to your two U.S. Senators, your member in the House of Representatives, and the Vice President of the United States. - To find your two U.S. Senators - To find your member in the House of Representatives 

Interested in ROTC:  

The Naval Academy Summer Seminar (NASS) application is available online at - - for High School Juniors.