Naviance: College and Career Readiness program at Carlisle High School. 

What does this mean for students?
Students in grades 9 - 11 are introduced to the programs through classroom guidance lessons with counselors.  Students are encouraged to explore the website and participate in strength and interest inventories, conduct guided research regarding colleges and careers, build portfolios, and create resumes.

What does this mean for parents?
Parents have access to view their student's use of Naviance.  Parents can see what inventories their student has completed, read his/her resumes, review the colleges he/she has researched and check the status of submitted materials for transcript requests and letters of recommendation.

What does this mean for teachers and counselors?
Teachers will use the tools for ALL college and most scholarship letters of recommendation.  Naviance allows letters to be submitted and sent electronically to most institutions with a student's transcript.  This expedites this process and all students and parents the ability to track the submission of these important documents.

How do students log in?
Visit and click log on as a "student" and search for Carlisle High School and choose it. Then choose "Log in with Active Directory." Type in your e-mail ( and password which is the same as your district log on. Choose the Naviance Icon. Click the Sign In button and choose Student & Families. Search for Carlisle High School by entering our zip code (17013.) Then students use their district username and password to login (Prior to the start of school each year use your student ID as the password. Student passwords are reset annually).  Students DO NOT enter an email in the box labeled "email".  They should put their district username in that box and then enter their district password.  This will take them to the Naviance Student Welcome Page.