Common App Instruction Sheet with Naviance

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Write down your Common App. Username and Password (try to use the same username and password for all college needs)

Step 3: Go back into Naviance and sign the Common App.Waiver and enter your Common App. username and password
* If all of the colleges you are applying to are not listed:  Click Add To List and click Lookup or Search by one of the choices on the left hand side

Step 4: AFTER you have submitted your application
Go back to your Colleges I’m Thinking About list
* Check the box next to the College where you applied
 * Click the box at the bottom that says Move To Application List
* Choose the Application Type (RD, ED, EA)
* Check the box I have Submitted My Application then Add Application 

Step 5: Click on Colleges I’m Applying To
* If you have not done so, sign the FERPA waiver
* Click Request Transcripts
* Check the box next to Add Request – this will send the request to the Guidance & Registrar Naviance account. When your Transcripts have been sent, it will be marked as Sent so you will be able to keep track of your application materials – Give the college at least 2-3 weeks to show your Transcript as being Received (on their website, etc..)
* Check Add Unofficial Test Scores if you want them sent (it is recommended that you have them sent from ACT or SAT – some colleges will require this)
* Check Mid-Year Transcript if appropriate

Step 6: If you need Teacher Recommendations (Give the teachers at least 3 weeks to write a recommendation.)
* Click on your Colleges TAB
       -  Click on Colleges I’m Applying To

* Scroll down to Teacher Recommendations

* Click Add/Cancel Requests
       -   Go to Add New Requests

* Click the dropdown menu and choose the teacher(s) from the list (make sure you have personally asked this teacher prior to this request and that your Activity Resume is updated in Naviance)

* Click Update Requests – this will send an email to the teacher stating your request and will add the request to the teacher’s Naviance account. It will also record that you have requested it in your Naviance account. When the teacher has completed the Recommendation, they will mark it as Completed and it will show in your Naviance account so you can keep track of your application materials.

Step 7:  When you receive a decision from the college, click the   under Actions to update your Status (Accepted, Waitlisted, etc.)