Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 2021

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CASD submitted 89 writing entries from grades 7-12 to the 2021 South Central Pennsylvania Scholastic Art and Writing contest.  Students could submit pieces in the following categories: Science Fiction/Fantasy, Humor, Short Story, Poetry, Flash Fiction, Personal Essay/Memoir, Critical Essay, Dramatic Script, Journalism, and Writing Portfolio. 46 submissions received regional awards.  Altogether, CASD students received 13 Gold Keys, 13 Silver Keys, and 20 Honorable Mentions. 

CASD submitted over 50 art entries from grades 7-12 to the 2021 South Central Pennsylvania Scholastic Art and Writing contest.  Students submitted pieces in the following categories: Painting, Drawing & Illustration, Ceramics & Glass, Digital, Art, Comic Art, Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpture, & Art Portfolio. Altogether, CASD students received 2 Gold Keys, 2 Silver Keys, and 15 Honorable Mentions.

Special recognition goes to Grace Pak (10th grade), who received a national silver medal for her poetry submission “Haraboji.”. Congratulations to all of our CASD students who submitted their work and whose work received recognition! 

Additional thanks and congratulations to all teachers who helped students prepare and submit their entries: 
Courtney Blackburn
Marj Boggess
Sarah Clayville
Rachel Drumheller
Matt Fahnestock
Ashley Gogoj
Courtney Lindgren-Kendle
Keely McGeehan
Amanda Kelley
Kirsten McMahon
Kate Muir
Suzanne Pagel
Ellie Park
Jessica Rauhauser
Dana Smetana

Gold Key Awards for Writing
Abigail Crocker (CHS, 10) – Critical Essay (“The Murder of Otzi the Iceman”)
Brayden Burge (CHS, 9) – Flash Fiction (“Confession”)
Ella Green (CHS, 9) – Flash Fiction (“September Void”)
Jayden Murray (CHS, 12) – Flash Fiction (“Crushing My Love”)
Lola Gehman (CHS, 11) – Personal Essay & Memoir (“A Second Voice”)
Dinela Dedic (CHS, 10) – Poetry (“Reminiscing”)
Hailey Kiser (CHS, 11) – Poetry (“2020”)
Emily Leatherman (CHS, 9) – Poetry (“Follow to Freedom”)
Olivia Myers (CHS, 11) – Poetry (“Thrifting”)
Grace Pak (CHS, 10) – Poetry (“Haraboji”)
Alaina Rogers (CHS, 10) – Short Story (“Sea of Stars”)
Ryleigh Underwood (CHS, 9) – Short Story (“Forgiven”)
Logan Forbes (WMS, 8) – Flash Fiction (“Survival of the Fittest”)

Gold Key Awards for Art
Ella Bowman (CHS, 11) – Design (“Cirque Du Terre”)
Marissa Stambaugh (WMS, 8) – Digital Art (“Beauté de la Lumière”)

Silver Key Awards for Writing
Jacob Kloepper (CHS, 10) – Critical Essay (“Critical Essay on Pizza”)
Sadie Thibodeau (CHS, 9) – Journalism (“Rise in Sapphic Representation”)
Samuel Kloepper (LMS, 8) – Critical Essay (“Socialism: The Plague of Our Economic Systems”)
Ava Baldwin (WMS, 8) – Flash Fiction (“Ed”)
Elsa Riesmeyer (WMS, 8) – Flash Fiction (“A Mouse Named Augustus”)
Anna Crawford (CHS, 12) – Personal Essay & Memoir (“A Redoubt of One’s Own”)
Thomas Landis (CHS, 11) – Personal Essay & Memoir (“My Roommate”)
Ashley Richwine (CHS, 10) – Personal Essay & Memoir (“The Art of Coming Out”)
Josetta Checkett (CHS, 12) – Poetry (“Anniversary”)
Thomas Mains (CHS, 11) – Poetry (“Dear Brother, Just Another”)
Alessia Iannuzzi (CHS, 9) – Science Fiction & Fantasy (“The Latter”)
Elias Kradel (CHS, 9) – Science Fiction & Fantasy (“The Gutter Shakes Violently”)
Rebekah Garrido (CHS, 10) – Short Story (“I Know”)

Silver Key Awards for Art
Ella Shatz (CHS, 9) – Ceramics & Glass (“Electoral Map 2020”)
Olivia Pavlovich (CHS, 9) – Photography (“Poppy”)

Honorable Mention Awards for Writing
Maddie Brown (CHS, 9) – Flash Fiction (“The Race”)
Hannah Barker (CHS, 9) – Poetry (“Dear Pretty Girl”)
Sam Bartosik-Velez (CHS, 12) – Poetry (“Scholastic Poetry”)
Tamara Kochova (CHS, 11) – Poetry (“The Last Greeting”)
Elias Kradel (CHS, 9) – Poetry (“Old Magazines”)
Isaac Mains (CHS, 10) – Poetry (“24 Hours”)
Thomas Mains (CHS, 11) – Poetry (“Quiet in the Embers”)
Olivia Myers (CHS, 11) – Poetry (“All Writers Were Once Readers”)
Morgan Pontious (CHS, 11) – Poetry (“Ode to a Plague and Growth”)
Katherine Robey (CHS, 12) – Poetry (“Sonder: A Collection of Shared Experience”)
Rebecca Burbridge (CHS, 12) – Science Fiction & Fantasy (“Moon”)
Thomas Mains (CHS, 11) – Science Fiction & Fantasy (“The Good Ones: Chapter 1”)
Lara Nowell (CHS, 11) – Science Fiction & Fantasy (“Nocturnal”)
Farydah Bachard (CHS, 9) – Short Story (“Drugs for Eyes”)
Rebecca Burbridge (CHS, 12) – Short Story (“The Day the World Stood Still”)
Dominic Gearhart (CHS, 11) – Short Story (“Rose Garden”)
Gretal Shank (CHS, 12) – Writing Portfolio (“A Future Farewell”)
Lauren Kiehl (WMS, 8) – Flash Fiction (“I am Tougher”)
Allison Negley (WMS, 8) – Flash Fiction (“Lunatic Lemon Ladies”)
Molly Renninger (WMS, 8) – Flash Fiction (“Cry of the Night”)

Honorable Mention Awards for Art
Seneca Sheesley (CHS, 12) – Art Portfolio (“Functional Works”)
Ella Shatz (CHS, 9) – Ceramics & Glass (“Operating Table”)
Ella Shatz (CHS, 9) – Ceramics & Glass (“Quaran-Tea-Pots’)
Ella Shatz (CHS, 9) – Ceramics & Glass (“Desert Hills”)
Briar Thompson (CHS, 11) – Comic Art (“Buriya VS. Izumu”)
Carter Martin (CHS, 11) – Digital Art (“Dead Keys”)
Ella Bowman (CHS, 11) – Drawing & Illustration (“Changed”)
Catherine Davis (CHS, 12) – Drawing & Illustration (“Papa”)
Ella Bowman (CHS, 11) – Mixed Media (“Bunny Baby”)
Ella Bowman (CHS, 11) – Mixed Media (“Faded”)
Ella Bowman (CHS, 11) – Mixed Media (“Hands of Time”)
Catherine Davis (CHS, 12) – Painting (“Korean American Quilt”)
Madison Tack (CHS, 12) – Painting (“Deaths Reflection”)
Sophia Corona (CHS, 10) – Photography (“Perpetuate”)
Mara Delp (WMS, 8) – Drawing & Illustration (“Aziraphale’s Bookshop”)