Self Help

When presented with a problem, try these quick steps to see if the issue can be easily be resolved.

 Check your cables
Often times users will report issues with devices not functioning properly.  One of the first things a tech does when they are working on your computer is check physical connections to ensure everything is securely plugged in.  Many times devices are just barely unplugged, making it difficult to notice and a simple unplug and replug resolves this issue.  An example of this would be a laptop that is not charging because the power cord is not completely plugged in. usb

 Restart your application
Issues that suddenly present themselves in a specific application can on occasion be resolved by closing the application and reopening it. closeapp

 Try an alternate browser
When websites do not function as they should there is a possibility the browser has compatibility problems with the website.(Chrome is typically a good first choice) browsers

 Restart your computer
Many issues you come across on a daily basis are resolved by a simple restart.  Restarting your computer helps to reset system resources and hardware components.  While this is a common fix for your computer it is also a practical fix for other electronic devices as well.(e.g. phone, tablet, etc.) Restart